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Is A Bridge Loan The Right Option For You?

People with bad credit scores will find that bridging loans are very efficient for their credit ratings. A bridging loan is useful for someone who want to buy a property and cannot manage to raise the down payment amount. There are both long-term and short-term bridging loans. The fact that short-term bridging loans are easy to get makes them favorite among home buyers. The process for applying for a bridging loan is short and straightforward. Bridging loans have a maximum of three years and a minimum of two months. One should be aware that the sooner you repay a bridging loan the less the interest rate rises. Short term bridging loans have been seen as the easiest way to close a deal on a property. Some people will apply for the bridging loans so they can make the payments for their mortgages. Secured loans are also referred to as bad credit bridging loans. The loans are secured on the equity of the property. People with good credit scores are charged a lower interest when they take up a bad credit bridging loan.

What You Need To Know Before Getting A Bridging Loan

Individuals will apply for bridging loans to finance the purchase of property in most cases. When there is a fixed repayment date for a bridging loan it is considered a closed bridging loan. An open bridging loan is one that does not have a fixed repayment date. Closed bridging loans are popular where the contracts have been exchanged on the property. Open bridging loans are popular among buyers who are yet to exchange property contracts with the seller. An open bridging loan is useful when you want to get a new property, but you are still in ownership of your previous property. When the application you made for a mortgage is declined you should get a bridging loan. You should call the bridging loans company to share your plans and see if you are likely to get loan approval.

Basics Of Bridging Loans

When you are applying for a bridging loan you should find out the interest rates payable. Bridging loans are available in two types closed and open. A closed bridging loan is safer for a lending company. Legal and valuation costs are not included in the open bridging loan making them very advantageous. People in self-build projects and buy to let investments can finance their projects using a bridging loan. If you are a trustee of an estate where the owner passed on you can get a bridging loan to pay any outstanding taxes. You may find that a bridging loan offers you a lifeline to finance some dire financial situations.

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