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What to Carry when Heading to Vietnam for Adventure Traveling

You have to work on certain key things in preparation for an adventure travel to Vietnam. They shall lead to an even more exciting time there.

You need to find out more about the climate, to determine the best time of year to travel. The weather patterns there are complex. You can expect the northern parts to be warm, dry and sunny. But you can also expect cold nights, so you need to carry the right clothes for that. When the rainy season comes round, there are heavy downpours. The central regions are normally wet, with minimal dry spells and rain most of the year.

You need to store your money and valuables safely. You shall find safes in most of the good hotels. If they do not have them, you need to get the receptionist to keep your valuables. When out in the streets, have on you only money you need, and no jewelry if possible. They value modesty, and those who are flashy with wealth attract crooks. You need to deal only in cash. Change your money to their currency, and ask for smaller denominations. If you are in a larger city, you may use your credit card.

You need to also have a casual but respectful dress code. The only place you may have to be formal is at a high-end restaurant. The clients you choose need to have diverse weather conditions in mind. You can get long jeans and warm coats for the chilly times. You also need to get lightweight an fast drying clothes for hot and humid areas. If you plan on trekking; you need to have proper hiking shoes. For the beach, you can have sandals and flip-flops. You need to keep it then decent, since the local population is reserved.

You also need to have certain accessories. You need for instance a good quality sunscreen. It is also important to think of buying a wide-brimmed hat. You also need to have sunglasses that have a high UV protection. When out in trekking, you will need a bug repellent made of natural ingredients. You also need to have enough storage space on your cameras, for the photos you shall be taken of the wonderful sceneries along the way.

The local customs should also be respected. You are expected to remove your shoes any time you go to a pagoda or temple, as well as when you visit a Vietnamese homestead. You also need to avoid revealing clothing. The accepted mode of greeting is a handshake. You need to be careful not to touch a Vietnamese’s head.

Tipping id, not a controlled area there. You will find eager reception and appreciation for it when you offer. This is a good practice when you go to a pagoda.
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